School Uniforms

Topics: Uniform, Dress code, Idea Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: March 21, 2014

Hannah Housby
Soph. Comp.
Period 9

School Uniforms; Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Imagine walking around school and every girl looked alike and every guy looked alike, don't you think that would be a little weird? That is what it would be like if our school had uniforms. Everybody would look the same. I think we shouldn't have uniforms because people would not be able to express their individuality, be themselves, or show off their creativity. The first reason is individuality. Nobody would be able to show their individuality if everyone looked alike. Some kids show who they are through their clothes. Some kids are Goth and wear all black, some girls are preppy and only wear pink, there are so many ways to show who students are really are but by taking away their right to wear what the want doesn't give them a way to show who they are but through the way their hair looks like. Some people might say that you can show individuality by their shoes or their jewelry, but I think they are wrong. I think they are wrong because maybe some students don't wear jewelry or their parents don't have a lot of money to go out and spend money on shoes.

My second reason is being themselves. To be yourself you are expressing and showing people you don’t care who you are and that you are proud of it. People who are social awkward obviously know that they are and they don’t care. They are proud of it and to be yourself you have to dress like yourself. If you had to wear a uniform the only way to show who you really are is by your hair or the way you act. The only place that you can show who you are is outside of school. If its okay to wear the clothes you wear outside of school what’s the difference if you wear them inside school? Everybody sees the outfits you wear outside of school it is the same thing!

My third and final reason is showing off your creativity. Some people show off their creativity through art, or clothes, or makeup, or nails, ext. But those...
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