School Uniforms

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Wearing School Uniforms
One of the issues in today’s society is; if public schools should issue a mandatory dress code policy for all students to wear uniforms. The word uniform means "one form" which makes everyone equal in dress code. Some people agree with establishing a dress code policy which states all students must wear the designated uniforms. However, there are many parents that disagree with establishing this policy. I believe every public school in the U.S should establish a dress code policy which consists of wearing uniforms. The wearing of uniforms can reduce school violence, provide better security, increase performance, and reduce financial stress on families. Students should not be judged or labeled based on what they are wearing. I have found in my research several reasons uniforms should be implemented. First, wearing uniforms can result in the decrease of violence. Every parent would like their children to be as safe as possible during school. It is possible that wearing uniforms can produce a safe environment. You may ask “How articles of clothing can protect you”. It is much more difficult to conceal a weapon in a uniform that it is to conceal it in a traditional baggy pair of jeans. Also, those individuals on school property that are not in the required uniform can be easily recognized by school security. Second, uniforms eliminate competition between underprivileged, middle class and high income families. Today wearing fashionable clothes in school have a tendency to distract many students from learning. Those who can’t afford name brands are often rejected by other students. Without the pressure of competing with different styles, students are more receptive and open to learning instead of concentrating on what individuals are wearing. School uniforms remove these factors from the social environment within the school, thus relieving students from the pressure to fit in. Third, uniforms are much less expensive than the clothing worn...
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