School uniforms

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School uniforms: yes or no?
In school, one of the most important things is your style. The more you have, the more popular and noticed you will probably be. With uniforms, there's no discrimination because of what you're wearing. Everyone is united under the same style. Is this good or bad?

First of all, clothing often reflects who you are and who you socialize with. In most schools, there are groups of students who dress alike. You may even avoid a particular person because of what they are wearing.

Secondly, there are many types of clothing, and this could be a bad thing because people could wear offensive clothes and hurt other people with those clothes. Money plays also a roll, if someone is for instance too poor to buy cool clothes, they won’t fit in and will be discriminated. To sum up, I believe uniforms help unite us in a common goal: to do well in school. It is a symbol of our unity. They demonstrate to everyone that we are more than just our clothes: we are all individuals. 
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