School Uniforms

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Today’s high schools have been turned into a fashion show by students. They wear what they want, which distracts them from studying. Teenage students spend most of their time talking about styles rather than focusing on their education. They spend a lot of money every year buying clothes. By requiring school uniforms, high schools concentration on studying may be more accurate, students may be united in shapes, and they may spend less money on clothes every year.

School uniforms may improve students’ attention in studying. When they are in school uniform, they may take school seriously. Students may not be looking around at each other clothes, which could open a discussion about styles. Also, they may not spend their morning time picking out clothes. For example, in Sudan, school uniforms are required in high schools. When I was there I used to spend my morning reviewing my subjects. I never worried about choosing what I would wear, because I knew that I had only one choice, which was my school uniform. Unlike me, now, my sister, who is a high schools’ student in America, spends almost an hour picking out her clothes in the morning.

Another benefit about school uniforms is, the being united in shap. Students who go to the same school may not have the same standard of living. Some students come from a wealthy family, others from a modest family. That could bring the jealousy between them, because some will have fancier clothe than the other. That could lead the students of the modest to spend more than their abilities to compete their rich friends. With School uniforms students’ may not worry about spending a lot of money on clothes.

Most students probably don’t agree about the idea of having a uniform. Some of them may say that wearing the same clothes over and over is boring. They need to break the routine, so education can be interesting. Also, wearing a uniform make them loss their identities; regular clothes...
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