School Uniforms

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Should school uniforms be banned? Discuss.

School uniforms are a major part of discussion amongst people nowadays, whether to ban it or not. Everyone has different views about this topic and it is believed that if school uniforms are to be banned, a lot of problems will be raised with it. They are an essential part of a wardrobe and are compulsory. Differentiation between different ethical backgrounds and financial statuses are put aside when students wear school uniforms. Wearing a school uniform has numerous of advantages; it represents the school by illustrating the schools performance academically, indicates the discipline structure of the school and reduces bullying amongst peers. Each of these benefits are significant for not allowing authorities to ban school uniforms.

Students wearing school uniform will be dressing the same whether they are from a rich or poor background. Therefore, the self esteem of a child will not be brought down amongst their peers, bringing a sense of equality between students. Coming from wealthy/standard/poor living would make a big difference when social cliques are made. Social cliques are often made by basing the student’s ethical or financial background. These lead to bullying and harassment which leads to suicide. Hence school uniforms reduce incidents of violence, bullying and harassment and by doing so it makes the students feel secure at school. School has to be a place for students where they feel safe and to be safe; schools have to have a good environment and surrounding. A school uniform also indicates the discipline of the school.

A school uniform is also a good representation of students that attend the school, showing their behavior and discipline. If students wear inappropriate clothing such as too revealing clothes, it would give the wrong impression of the school as well as the discipline of the school. If they were not to be banned, school teachers would have to decide whether or not the clothing is...
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