school uniforms should be banned

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The wearing of school uniform helps children to realise that their uniqueness and individuality goes deeper than their clothes, and are not lessened by a uniform. I believe wearing a school uniform is a breach of children’s right to individuality and self-expression. Everyone is unique, and so making children wear a school uniform takes away their individuality and personality. Maybe this discourages them from performing to their full potential, and excelling in their favoured subjects?

Uniforms were thought up by head teachers as a way of trying to control children. They may give children the impression that conformity is a good way of avoiding conflict, and this is not a good message to teach to children.

I think most school uniforms are ugly and unflattering, and having to wear something that is not comfortable to a child is not good for their self-image. What happens if someone doesn’t like the colour green? If children were allowed to wear their own clothes at least they would be comfortable. In the case of younger children, if they got their only school jumper muddy, they would have none to wear the next day, which would mean they got told off at school.

Uniforms make parents spend more money unnecessarily. They are expensive, and parents already have to spend money on clothes for children to wear outside school. If children didn’t have to wear a uniform, parents would ultimately have more money.

People think that if children wore their own clothes, cliques and gangs would form according to social class, or fashion groups. I think these gangs will still form even if everyone is wearing uniform, just for less shallow reasons; children would be bullied for other things except their clothes, maybe even encouraging racism? Because students are easily recognisable in school uniform, this may also encourage bullying and rivalry between schools.
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