School Uniforms Should Be Compulsary

Topics: Education, Shorts, Dress code Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: May 25, 2013
School uniforms should be compulsory
School uniforms should be compulsory at all schools. School uniforms gives students a limited amount of clothing to wear, it shows that all students are equal. School uniforms identify students, this I beneficial for students and teachers while out on an excursion, easily spotted from far away. Not also that that uniforms benefits the students and teachers only but is also a gain for the school. Uniforms promotes the school because of the professional look and gives it a reputation. School uniforms show equality, it gives students a limited amount of clothing to wear. Children these days get judged and bullied because of the way they dress before even getting to know them. I’ve been a witness of many cases. This happens even at a school like mine where school uniforms must be worn. On a rare casual day I would find it absolutely hard to find a pair of clothing to wear, imagine going a school without uniform you would waste so much time in the morning just finding the right clothes especially for girls! With school uniforms it is much more efficient, children don’t have to worry about how they look and also saves parents a whole lot of money. School uniforms are expensive for a reason, they are made out of good quality martial that are meant to survive for a long time. This is why uniforms are needed at all schools. School uniforms give students identification. With uniforms students are easily spotted and found if lost while on an excursion or lost on the way home, by their uniform or by the school logo. Uniforms can help out in criminal cases, witnesses are able to describe the school uniform or recognise the school’s uniform. Uniforms benefit parents, students and teachers are there any other advantageous? School uniforms builds character and gives the school a much better and professional look. The way the students dress and look is a big impact on the school’s reputation. Girls wearing short shorts that rises up to their...
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