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Shanghai Tang is a famous Chinese fashion label now popular all over the world. Fifteen years back in the year 1994 this clothing brand was launched. The founder was David tang, a businessman of Hong Kong. David opened up this new brand to give a new statement to the Chinese fashion and in fact the Chinese fashion got a vast change with the launch of Shanghai Tang. Previously old traditional Hanfu had lots of influence on the dresses of Shanghai Tang. However, now it becomes more global. Though started in Hong Cong, now it has got several stores allover the world. Some of the cities having Shanghai Tang stores are Dubai, London, Paris, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Madrid and Bangkok.

Why one should buy Shanghai Tang

Most of the Shanghai Tang products are extremely extraordinary inspired by the traditional dresses of China. These dresses are the unique blend of traditional and contemporary style.

Made with high quality fabrics these dresses are comfortable for everybody. A number of high skilled professional work hard and produce unique designer cloths which are completely different from any other branded cloths and it is the actual secret behind its popularity. Shanghai Tang for Men

Shanghai Tang produces so many fashion cloths for men. Most of the people love to wear the fashion shirts of this brand. These shirts generally come in cotton and silk. Mainly sober colors have been used in these shirts and many of them are embroidered or printed. Shanghai Tang also offers various sports shirts and t shirts. The polo shirts of this label are finely designed and available in bright colors. Some other clothing items for men include jackets, pajamas, pullovers and robes.

Shanghai Tang for Women

Shanghai Tang is perhaps most popular for its women outer wears. Women designer dresses include silk embroidered sleeveless minis and long dresses. Generally crepe, silk, satin; these three types of fabrics are used in these dresses. Other women cloths include tops, t...
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