Smart Move Media Org Culture Paper

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BUS 1103 Human Relations In The Work Place
Organizational Culture Assignment
Group 2
Group Member 4 (Dan Ominde)

Smart Move Music and Media was established officially in 2008, but before then it started as Easy Money Entertainment and Knk Productions as early as 2004. We started our recording studio in different apartments back in high school and we were making our name in different talent shows around the city at this time. We started with a lot of people on our team back in the day, but as we slowly grew to become Smart Move Music and Media they are officially only three owners of the company, Dan Ominde, Matt Washington, and Caleb Nyabuto.

When we first began Smart Move Music and Media in 2008 our goal was to always “Make your next move your best move, and that’s smart move.” We came up with the slogan after we had been getting a lot of compliments from our clients about the work that we do. We strive each and every day to build our company to be a one stop shop for our clients in the entertainment industry. When we first began we specialized in music videos and simple commercials for our clients. We have now expanded to doing photography, graphics, hosting events, printing Tshirts, and much more. We have a long way to go as a company to become what we want and as long as we are all working towards our goal we feel like we accomplish something every day.

Our mission is to provide affordable and professional marketing and resources for entertainers and businesses by using our talents to bring life to our customer’s dreams. Our goal is to spread knowledge and positive energy to the community through music and media.
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