Social Institution

Topics: Middle Ages, Feudalism, Sociology Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: March 9, 2015
Social Institution
Social institutions are the building blocks of development. These institutions—traditional and modern; at the community, local, regional and national levels; and in the public, private and "civil" sectors — are the vehicles through which social change and social action occur.  Definition: Groups of persons banded together for common purposes having rights, privilages, liabilities, goals, or objectives distinct and independant from those of individual members. Social Institutions

Institutions are groups of people working together to provide for society's basics needs. Institutions are categorized into five basic groups. They are: Governmental
The institutions that make up this category exist to maintain order and security in a society. Examples of these types of institutions would include the various courts, the government at every level, the police, and the army. The importance of governmental institutions in history is shown in the following historical passage. During the period in western Europe, known as the " Dark Ages," people lived on estates, known as manors or fiefs. The lords of the manors controlled all of the land and ruled the manors. The common people were allowed to live on the manors' land by the lords. The lords had their own courts from which they administered their own form of justice. They collected their own taxes, and some of the more powerful lords minted their own coins. The importance of a lord depended on the size of his land holding. When the Vikings started to invade western Europe in the 9th century, the lords had to protect themselves from these outside invaders. A system of protection emerged to combat these invaders. This system became known as feudalism. Large landowners gave land to other lords in return for loyalty and help in protecting the land. Individuals that received land were known as vassals or lessor nobles. These vassals in turn gave land to knights in return for fighting the invaders. The people...
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