Special Interest Tourism

Topics: Tourism, World Heritage Site, Dubai Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Introduction of Special Interest Tourism
The tourism industry has changed over the years along with the socio-economic situations in many countries. Therefore, tourism markets that were popular twenty years ago are now in deterioration as travellers look for some kind of fulfilment and meaning at the destination. Special interest tourism (SIT) can be defined as a form of tourism that provides an enriching experience that is of special interest to visitors in addition to other leisure activities. Types of Special Interest Tourism

Special Interest Tourism may offer many opportunities according to the preferences of travellers. Some of the SIT categories are: * Sports and Adventure Tourism: Sports tourism is the involvement in any sporting activity (actively or passively) where tourists participate in a sporting activity or attend a sport event as spectators. Adventure tourism may include a physical activity and usually interaction with nature and/or cultural interchange. Adventure tourists generally go out of the comfort zone to experience some degree of risk or physical danger. Some examples in Dubai are windsurfing, scuba diving, sky diving, mountain climbing, etc. These two holiday markets attract mostly young travellers who enjoy sports and adventure tourism experiences. * Cultural and Heritage Tourism: It is a form of tourism concerned with the culture, lifestyle, history, art, heritage and other elements related to the civilisation of a destination. For instance in the UAE, some heritage attractions are the Al Fahidi Fort (Dubai Museum) and Bastakyia quarter; Al Bidyah in Fujairah (oldest mosque in UAE); etc. Cultural tourists are generally educated, higher spenders with a higher social status than other tourism markets. * Health/Medical Tourism: This is a rapidly-growing type of tourism where personal well-being becomes the main interest in the destination. Travellers seek to obtain health care and spa treatments in other countries – such as...
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