Speech 3

Topics: Clothing, Female body shape, Body shape Pages: 4 (633 words) Published: March 19, 2015
Maegan Fisher
Advance Composition
Dr. Timothy Bartel
March 8, 2015
Speech 3
Body Shaming
“We’re not broken. We’re not in the wrong bodies. We’re not inadequate. We’re not lesser. We’re not unwanted. We’re not fraudulent. We’re not undesirable. That’s all just a set of lies we tell to soothe the experience of the prisons we put ourselves in.” ―Agnostic Zetetic

Body shaming, a horrible issue here in America. This inappropriate negative attitude toward another person or yourselves weight or size is just disturbing and dreadful. Body shaming is a discriminating act to someone who is “too fat” or “too skinny”. There are negative attitudes in the media and elsewhere, about celebrities who are "too fat" or who have not gotten rid of "baby weight" in an appropriate amount of time. Body shaming has seriously screwed up everyone’s image of beauty. It has hurt thousands of teenage boys and girls in this society today, with the high standards of being as skinny as a victoria secret model or being able to fit into Abercrombie and finch or Hollister clothing brand. There are three ways in which body shaming happens: 1) by criticizing your own appearance, through a judgment or comparison to another person. 2) by criticizing another’s appearance in front of them, and 3) by criticizing another’s appearance without their knowledge. No matter how this manifests, it often leads to comparison and shame, and perpetuates the idea that people should be judged mainly for their physical features. In today’s age, the ideal model is, height: 5’9” to 6’-plus; bust: 32” to 36”; waist: 22” to 26”; and hips: 33” to 35”. For those who don’t know what any of these measurements mean, this would be a size 0 to a size 4 in couture clothes. Anything larger then these standards are considered plus size in the social media or Fashion world. Considering the average American woman is 5’4” tall, has a 34” to 35” waist and weighs between 140 and 150 pounds, and wears a size 12 to 14 dress, these...

Cited: http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/body-shame
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