Speech How to Cut a Shirt. Outline

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COM 101 Section 3098

Speech #2: How to Cut a T-shirt into a Cute Fashionable Top

I. Introduction:
a. For most of us, shopping for fashionable clothes could be a little pricey. But today I will show you a way where you can save some money with just old t-shirts laying around your house that you barely even use. From experience, my friends and I like to cut up our t-shirts when we attend any kind of sports event, to make the t-shirt a little more comfortable and fashionable. So today I will teach you one way you could cut your old t-shirt into a cute top. Don't worry gentlemen, you can do this too and give it as a gift.

a. Step 1:
-Gather all materials needed: t-shirt and scissors
b. Step 2:
-Lay t-shirt on a flat surface
-Snips on both sides of t-shirt (shoulder area, about an inch from seam)
-Cut front side, then back side
-Stretch the neckline
c. Step 3:
d. Step 4:
-make one inch slits on the sleeves
-do on both sides
-stretch the sleeves

There are many different ways that you could cut up your old t-shirt, and this is just one way. You could make them into a tank top, halter top, crop top, you can really go anywhere with just cutting an old t-shirt. If you are one of those people who like to save money, especially on clothes, I hope you find this very helpful.
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