Strategic Plan, Part II: Conceptualizing a Business

Topics: Dry cleaning, Strategic planning, Customer Pages: 4 (1179 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Mobile Dry-Cleaners
Mobile Dry-cleaning is a pick-up and drop off services provided to local businesses. The service is ideal for people too busy for the inconvenience of dropping off and picking up business clothes from the dry-cleaners. This paper will define the strategy plan for Mobile Dry-cleaning, detailing the services the business provides, customers, and services. The mission and vision statement will drive the strategic direction of the organization and a strategic plan developed focusing on the goals and values the organization has adopted. Mission Statement

The mission statement for mobile dry-cleaning is directed toward working businesspeople that may experience inconvenience of the need to have their professional wardrobe cleaned. The focus in the mission statement mentions the latest equipment and environmentally conscience solvents used for a quality gentle cleaning of garments. Mobile dry-cleanings mission statement expresses confidence in their ability to dry-clean garments efficiently, but also provide express service at time convenient to their target audience. Making the customers aware of the additional services, like bedding, drapery, and other household fabrics will help make the service more attractive and expand business. See Appendix A “Mission Statement.” Vision Statement

The vision statement for Mobile Dry-cleaning will inform consumers and staff of the business expectations of its future in the dry-cleaning industry. Mobile Dry-cleaning’s vision is becoming the leading provider of pick-up and delivery dry-cleaning in the country. The vision statement outlines the strategy plan to fulfill the vision. Mobile Dry-cleaning will build on the core services; provide customer service and excellence in the customer’s experience. The strategy includes the most up-to-date equipment, environmentally responsible solvents used in cleaning garment with the utmost care. See Appendix B “Vision Statement.” Principles and Values

Principals and...
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