Students Should Wear Uniforms

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Students Should Wear Uniform

"What should I wear today for school?" is a question that many students ask themselves in the morning. While it may be true that school uniforms deprive students from expressing themselves, the real point to consider is that school uniforms are necessary for saving time and student safety.

One reason students should wear uniforms is that it saves time in the morning. For example, students don't have to spend time in front of the closet finding clothes that match. When students have a uniform, they just have to grab a top and a bottom and are ready to go. For instance, my friend Jessica doesn't have a uniform at her school and is always late because she can't decide what to wear. On the other hand, my cousin Maria gets dressed quickly and always shows up on time. Wearing a uniform definitely saves time in the morning.

Another reason students should wear uniforms is because it helps make school a safer environment. To illustrate this point, many students are often bullied because of the clothing or the colors that they wear. Having a mandatory uniform can help eliminate these problems. Furthermore, students can stay safe because it is easy to identify intruders or people who don't belong on campus because their clothes look different. Wearing a uniform helps students stay safe while they are on campus.

It might seem that wearing a uniform deprives students from expressing themselves. For example, my best friend Chris doesn’t like wearing a uniform because he doesn’t get to wear his favorite Chicago Bulls jersey, especially on days when the team plays. However, I know that some students dislike the Chicago Bulls and might target Chris as someone they want to pick on because he wore his favorite jersey to school. Nevertheless, I think school uniforms are a great idea.

If students wear a uniform, then they will save time in the morning and be safer. These are two reasons why students should wear a uniform in school. Why do...
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