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Topics: Middle Ages, Byzantine Empire, Feudalism Pages: 3 (532 words) Published: February 6, 2013
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Ch. 9 – Civilization in Eastern Europe: Byzantium and Orthodox Europe Pgs. 193-211


Byzantine EmpireHagia SophiaBelisariusicons
BulgariaYaroslav IBalkansTatars
JustinianGreek fireiconoclasmboyars
Vladimir IManzikertTheodoraRurik
Cyril and MethodiusRussian Orthodoxy

Guided Reading Questions

1. How did Byzantium originate?
2. Which peoples threatened the empire? How did the state survive 1,000 years? 3. How did Byzantium combine classical traditions to create a new civilization? 4. What were the significant Byzantine political, social, and religious institutions? 5. What led to the split between Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches? 6. How did Orthodoxy spread throughout eastern Europe and with what results? 7. How did Christianity influence society in Byzantium and eastern Europe? 8. What contributions did the Byzantines make to the development of Europe? 9. What considerations and influences led to the rise of a Russian state in Kiev? 10. What were the significant Russian political, social, and religious institutions?

Ch. 10 – A New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe
Pgs. 212-236


MedievalMiddle Agesmanorialismserfs
3-field system(Holy Roman) emperorsfeudal monarchvassals FeudalismParliaments (3 estates)Crusadespapacy
InvestiturescholasticismHanseatic Leagueguilds
Black DeathHundred Years’ WarCharles MartelCluny
ClovisPeter AbelardMagna Cartagothic
Benedict of NursiaCharlemagnePope Urban IIVikings
Pope Gregory VIIBernard of ClairvauxWilliam the Conquerormoldboard CarolingiansThomas AquinasCharles Martel

Guided Reading Questions

1. What characteristics define medieval west European civilization? 2. How did manorialism affect the legal, social, and economic position of serfs? 3. What economic and...
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