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Topics: Roman Empire, Latin, Italy Pages: 3 (671 words) Published: October 7, 2013
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Chapters 1 & 2
Test Date: _____________
Chapter 1: The Legacy of the Roman Empire
Section 2:
1. Fill in the diagram by identifying and explaining examples of the different causes that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire.

2. Complete the diagram to show the chain of events that led to the break-up of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Byzantine Empire. First, in 330 C.E., Constantine decided to…
Move his capital east to Byzantium. He renamed the city New Rome. (Later named Constantinople.) Then, power in the empire was…
Divided between two emperors, one in Rome and one in Constantinople. In 410 C.E.,…
An invading Germanic tribe attacked Rome and looted it.
In 476 C.E.,…
The last Roman emperor was driven out and the western half of the empire began to break apart. Finally, in the east…
The Byzantine Empire continued for another 1,000 years.

Section 3
2. List and describe at least three important art form developed or made popular by the Romans. a. Romans created realistic statues and colorful mosaics. They also painted frescoes that might show three-dimensional landscapes. Romans made decorative glass bottles, developed the arts of gem cutting and metalwork, and created cameos. 3. What were two examples of Roman-influenced art in modern life? a. Some examples of Roman-influenced art forms today are murals in restaurants, banks, and other buildings; lifelike statues; cut gems; and cameos. Section 4

2. List and describe at least three architectural features developed or made popular by the Romans. a. Arches – such as those used in the Roman Colosseum
b. Vaults – arches used to support a ceiling
c. Domes – roofs shaped like a half-globe, such as that found on the Pantheon. 3. What are two examples of Roman-influenced architecture in modern society, and what features of Roman architecture do they have? a. Roman-influenced architecture includes the Capitol in Washington, D.C., which has a dome...
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