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Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Pope Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: May 6, 2014
Byzantine Empire

Also known as Istanbul, Byzantium, Eastern Roman Empire. Constantine moved capital to Constantinople. Justinian
Reigned from 527-565. Military conquests, rebuilds city, law code. From Macedonia. Adopted. Had a lot of smart people working in his administration. Retook Rome as a way to get a larger tax base. Wanted to restore religious unity, afraid Jesus was returning and wanted Rome back to the great city it was. Theodora

Justinian’s wife. “Dancer” might have been a prostitute. Co-ruler of the Empire. Shrewd negotiator. During riots in Constantinople she told Justinian he needed to take care of his city. Hagia Sophia

Justinian restored many buildings. Built many news ones. Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) Biggest most beautiful Catholic church in the world at the time. Roman Law Code
Complicated, unorganized. Organized and explained Roman Law in one text. Created a model for law codes used in many countries today. Defined and explained terms. Broke down laws into either natural, civil, national. Petrine Doctrine

The Petrine Doctrine is based upon Catholic tradition, which proclaims the legitimacy and supremacy of the Pope over all other bishops of the Catholic Church.


Arab Peninsula
Seperates middle east from Africa. Hot and dry climate. Effects identity and culture of people living there. Desert with Oasis. Center for trade. Pre-Muslim Culture
Built around caravans, and tribes that function as traders. Tribal culture. Bedouin. Tribal fighting for oasis. Violent, lot of fighting internally among Arabians themselves. Mohammed
Born around 570-632. Raised in Mecca, thriving trade port. Messenger, not supposed to worship Muhammad. Both his parent’s die. Raised by Uncle who is a Bedouin trader. Grows up feeling like an outsider. Thoughtful, religiously intrigued guy, average guy. Regarded as someone you could go to with your problems or diplomatic concerns. Had a vision of the angel Gabriel, Gabriel told him he...
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