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Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Decline of the Roman Empire Pages: 2 (295 words) Published: May 13, 2013

1. By 100 b.c. What percentage of Italy's people were enslaved? --Around forty percent of the population was enslaved.

2. How  long did the Byzantine Empire last?
--It lasted around 1,000 years, give or take a few years.

3. The poet Horace wrote satires that __________________.
--Poked fun of human weaknesses.

4. How did Romans honor there gods and goddesses?
--They made burnt offerings and prayed to them every night. 

5. What happened when the last Severan emperor died?
--After the end of the Severan dynasty, Rome went through The Crisis of the 3rd Century, and for 50 years a whole string of military commanders declared themselves emperor and backed up their claims with their own soldiers.

6. When do historians date the fall of Rome?
--They date the fall around a.d. 550

7. Galen emphasized the importance of _____________.

8. Byzantine women mainly _____________.
--Worked in the house

9. What happened when Rome coins lost value in a.d. 200?
--Everyone lost their morals and riots broke out as well as fights

10. Theodosius decided to do what after his death?
--he decided to decide the empire.

11. What happened after the battle of Adrianople?

12. List some of the major Byzantine industries._______,_________, and __________. --

13. The empress Theodora helped _______________.

14. How did roman statuses differ from Greek statuses.


1. Why did Rome's power decline?
2. What was life like for poor people in Rome? How did the roman empire try         to keep poor people loyal?
3. How did the location of Constantinople help it grow wealthy and             prosperous.
4. Whom did the Romans force into slavery? How were the slaves treated? --


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