Summary of Katharina Reiss’s Article About Text Types, Translation Types and Translation Assessment

Topics: Translation, Communication, Linguistics Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: July 22, 2011
Summary of Katharina Reiss’s Article about Text Types, Translation Types and Translation Assessment

According to the classification of text types, the Reiss introduces an audio-media type to cover the rising of translation and separate this kind of translation besides sticking the conventional three based on Buhler’s functions of the linguistic sign.

Furthermore, in her book (1976), Reiss shows the connection between three text types and various text varieties in the form of diagram and mentioned three main functions of those different text types, which are informative, expressive and operative. She also asserts that those three primary functions of translated texts have clear influence on the performance of translator, which informative texts need to be translated with necessary expansions and explanations, expressive texts should be have a identification of translation method whereas operative texts require an appropriate translation according to the way the intended audience are assumed to response to the text.

In the Reiss’s later work, Translation assessment, she claims that linguistic translation has a long history no shorter than human history. She also suggests that it is clever to have critical thinking in translation not only now but in future since there have been always criticism of translating. Simultaneously, Reiss points out the challenges faced by todays’ translators that the areas of translation expands faster and wider than ever, which result in a enormous need of translation materials that include not only “literary texts” but also “pragmatic texts” in the translation theory research. To deal with such huge amount of translation materials, Reiss insists that it is still necessary to find out hitherto unknown cross-relationship or make overlooked associations clearer till now, which would contribute to make translation problems systematic, translation teachable and assessment of translation more objective. To achieve this, Reiss...
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