Sustainable Fashion

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Sustainable Fashion: A Growing Need For Eco-Friendly Clothing

Every consumer is probably aware that the products they purchase have some kind of effect on the environment. However, the average person does not know that the textile and clothing manufacturing industry has one of the greatest. Sustainable fashion is part of a growing design philosophy which some brands and designers are taking into consideration. The goal of this trend is to create textiles and garments in terms of an environmental responsibility. There are many ways that this can be achieved, but there are many key factors that every consumer should be aware of.

Sustainable Fashion: A Growing Need For Eco-Friendly Clothing At the turn of the twenty first century, an ongoing revolution became more and more prevalent. This revolution is an environmental revolution, which inspires consumers to purchase and consume more sustainable goods that have less impact on the environment. The retail manufacturing industry is the second most polluting industry on Earth (Fashion Change, 2011). It is only second to oil. Sustainable fashion is a growing design philosophy supported by environmental issues and social responsibility. Sustainable fashion is not something that will last for just one season, or even a couple. Yet, it is predicted to last for years and years to come (Vogue, 2007). The environment is greatly impacted by the production, manufacturing, and disposal of textiles and garments. From wastewater emissions to air pollution and energy consumption, the textile industry weighs heavy on the environment. There are many things that consumers can do to help reduce this impact in ways such as taking into consideration of the chemicals used to produce and process the product, the carbon footprint of the product, and determining the re-new ability of the product. The production of textiles and fabrics is a very long and...

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