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SWOT Analysis Of A Business Plan|
Custom Printed T-Shirts|
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The S.W.O.T Business Analysis Company I am writing about is a Custom T-Shirt company named Your T-Shirt. The reason this business was interesting to me was because after reading the topics I had to choose from I immediately began to think of various opportunities where this company could help others.

Explanation of Strengths
One strength among many for this company were that it has several physical store front locations located one in Washington and one in Seattle. Your T-Shirt also has an Internet Broadband Web site service already up and running ready to take orders. Strength would be that they have two computer systems one for office business and one set up for customer use. This is where the customers can compose, review, and change the graphics to their customized shirt before it is printed. Customers can also view some of the other graphics saved on the computer. They also have some graphics posted on their shelves.

Explanation of Weaknesses/Limitations
The first weakness I noticed was that all of the real nice T-shirts did not come in the larger sizes. They did not even carry a regular 2x or 3x. The shirts they did carry were 2xt and 3xt which means tall. These shirts will come extra-long for tall people but would fit regular height large people wrong. They need to carry regular 2x and 3x and also offer 4x, 5x and 6x as well. Another weakness this company has is the size 2x and 3x they do carry only comes in the colors white and black. On top of all this the nicer t-shirts they do not offer in any sizes pass...

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