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Topics: Fashion, Clothing, Inditex Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: November 4, 2010
ZARA是西班牙Inditex集团旗下的一个子公司,它既是服装品牌,也是专营ZARA品牌服装的连锁零售品牌。1975年设立于西班牙的ZARA,在世界各地56个国家内,设立超过两千多家的服装连锁店。ZARA深受全球时尚青年的喜爱,设计师品牌的优异设计,价格却更为低廉,简单来说就是让平民拥抱High Fashion。 Zara, a Spanish-based chain owned by Inditex, is a clothing retailer who has taken a new approach in the industry. Zara stores are company-owned, except where local legislation forbids foreigner-owned businesses. It was first open in 1975, originally a lingerie store, then the product range expanded to incorporate women’s fashion, menswear and children’s clothes. Until now, Zara has more than 2 thousand stores located in 68 countries around the world.

S: 顾客导向;垂直一体化;高效的组织管理;强调生产的速度和灵活性;不做广告不打折的独特营销价格策略等。灵敏供应链 Produce a product that can adjust and fit multiple trends and can adapt quickly to new style. With their unique strategy, Zara has the competitive advantage to be sustainable. By owning its in-house production, Zara is able to be flexible in the variety, amount, and frequency of the new styles they produce.  offer the latest trends and fashions before their competitors.  the ability to produce an item of clothing within as little as only 2 weeks and get it shipped out to it’s stores   for customers to purchase.  it targets the young fashionable consumers who are always looking for the latest hip trends and the older consumer who is looking for a bargain plus a good quality clothing item W:

T: Zara also faces threats in the form of Protectionism laws in new potential markets, possibility of natural disasters in the Galacia region of Spain and government instability.  face traditional retailers in the apparel industry such as Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) and The Gap

Zara needs just two weeks[1] to develop a new product, launches around 10,000 new designs each year.  Its design team produce an incredible 11,000 different designs a year. As it makes the clothes itself, it can react quickly to changing market trends possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world,

Zara is...
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