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Motto: Creation comes from people`s passion and express to their life.

Company introduction
Tee7 is an innovative Internet companies, it combines the advantages of design resources and production resources in China, through the network mode of gathering a large number of professional high-quality design drawings.

Tee7 is a network platform for designers display their creative ideas and styles to the public. They provide this platform for independent designers to make their creation come true, and also can earn profit.

Company history
Before they changed their company`s name to Tee7, it was a T-shirts contract factory, producing blank T-shirts in white and black. And then sail these blank T-shirts to some other brand factory to print, like Nike.

In 2003, the owners of this factory decided to open a new brand. But they didn’t want it become like the old style with other Chinese clothing brand. So, they went inspection the T-shirt market. They found that people prefer the beautiful print more than the appearance of the T-shirt itself. In the same time, there also were so many internet designers release their design on the internet. So, they combined their production resources and the internet design resources, changed their company`s name to Tee7, purchased T-shirt printing machine, and recruited designers on the internet.

Company operating mode
For Tee7, they collect fresh and fashionable design of T-shirt on the internet for their production, pay for the designers, print it, and sail it also on the internet. All of these processes are on the internet, so they save the money of rental an entity store.

For the designers, they just need to sign in Tee7 account, and put their design on the website. The design will get a score from administrator of Tee7 website and other people who comes to the website. If their designs is selected to be real Tee7 productions, the T-shirt with the designer`s drawing will be sold on the website....
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