Textile and Apparel Industry in China 2013-2014

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China Textile and Apparel Production and Sales Statistics, 2013-2014

China Textile & Apparel Production & Sales Statistics, 2013-2014 contains 40 charts, fully displaying output of apparel, textile, leather footwear and headwear, overall sales of key department stores, and sales volume of apparel in China during 2011-2014, in the hope of providing objective and accurate reference data for relevant research institutions. After three years of adjustment, the division of subsectors in brand apparel sector is even more apparent, with casual clothes and home textiles casting off high inventory and the market resuming growth, children's apparel and outdoors wear enjoying huge space for development, and menswear and high-end men and women wear being in a period of adjustment in the short run. View Complete Report @ http://www.chinamarketresearchreports.com/114857.html . China Textile & Apparel Industry has been in a transitional period of adjustment since 2013, featuring the following operating characteristics: Cotton purchasing and storage policy termination causes price decline. In January 2014, the State Council issued the Several Opinions Comprehensively on Deepening Rural Reform and Accelerating Agricultural Modernization, whereby the temporary policy for purchasing and stockpiling cotton was cancelled. For textile & apparel companies, in the short term, the gross margin will be reduced as a result of cotton price decline, raw material inventory depreciation and falling product prices. However, in the long run, the lower production cost is helpful to improve gross margin. Output Growth Continues to Slow. Over the past three years (2011-2013), the output growth of Chinese clothing enterprises above designated size fell from 17.68% in early 2010 to 1.27% in December 2013, with that in 2013 retreating by 4.93 percentage points against 2012, 6.87 percentage points from 2011, and 17.33 percentage points over 2010, showing an apparent slowdown. Online...
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