textiles in historical content

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Lois Albinson says ‘...creating innovative, unique and textured garments that have been inspired from the qualities found within something that is seemingly unattractive, which I aim to articulate into something beautiful’, which really inspires me in my work. I have a passion within textiles for texture, surface and construction in my work. I love to work with objects and materials within my project work, from high visibility jackets to hay or bones. Earlier this year I was asking family and friends to collect shredded paper which they thought was ‘junk’ to create paper footwear. I love to experiment and explore my ideas using different processes and I feel that this desire to innovate has enabled me to create interesting and successful work throughout my art and design education so far. Working in the textiles area allows me to combine materials to create unusual and quirky pieces. Sometimes I start my projects with a meaning I want to convey, and then apply techniques and materials in a certain way to convey the meaning. I have also made work where I have allowed the aesthetics of materials and processes to dictate the way the work develops. I am eager to learn new techniques, develop my knowledge of textiles and designers and learn more skills to help me to resolve my ideas more successfully. This is an important factor for choosing this particular course. I enjoy constructed textiles like knit and weave, however, I prefer to be open minded in my approach to project work and experiment with a variety of techniques. On foreign holidays I enjoy experiencing different cultures and firsthand experience of their use of fabrics, fashion and interiors. The markets in places like Greece, Turkey and Djerba have vibrant decorated fabrics, rugs and cushions, which fascinate me. Also I love to watch the locals create these items with speed, as it gives me an insight into the different methods of creating textiles worldwide. This year the market in Djerba allowed me...
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