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Design Inspiration
My inspiration for my major project has been derived from the idea of ‘Winter Wonderland’. Season is a major impact on my design as the colour scheme has been taken from the stereotypical vision of winter encompassing blues in multi tones. The idea of connotation of hibernation with ‘Winter Wonderland’ is what gave me the idea to develop sleepwear for my major project. Creation

I have chosen to take the traditional and classical approach to my design. I have used the traditional winter pyjamas to create my design. As for fabrics these will be reflecting the blue tones associated with winter, coming from the dark blue night skies. Focus Area

The focus area for my major project is Apparel. My major project fits into this focus area because it is sleepwear and is a garment of clothing that is to be worn. I have chosen to use this focus area to express my inspiration as it fits the stereotypical ideas of winter. My textile item will be worn as sleepwear. Historical or Cultural Influences

For my design I have chosen to go in the opposite direction to current trends in sleepwear. For 2012/13 there has been a rise in the ‘onsie’; an all in one sleepwear suit that looks like a baby’s Bonds Wondersuit modified to fit the likes of children through to adults. For my design I have chosen to stick o the traditional sleepwear a classic two-piece, pants and a shirt. As I felt it suited my inspiration of ‘Winter Wonderland’ more clearly and meets the stereotypical seasonal image of winter sleepwear, taking a classical approach.
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