The Battle of Yarmuk

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Background: An account of the battle of the Yarmuk aka. Yarmuq or Hieromyax written by Al-Baladhuri in Arabic. A Byzantine general by the name of Vahan gathered a large army around 200,000 men and they conquered a lot of areas in the Middle East: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, and Palestine. A reason for why they had so many men was because they would get men from the places they conquered to fight for them. They met the Muslim army lead by Khalid ibn al-Walid at the Battle of the Yarmuk in Syria on 20 August 636. The Muslim army had approximately 24,000 men. There were also the families of these men fighting or at least throwing stones. In this battle Hubash ibn-Kais al-Kushairi loses a leg. Also in this battle al-Ash'ath ibn-Kais, Hashim ibn-'Utbah ibn-abi-WakkAs azZuhri (i.e., al-Mirkal) and Kais ibn-Makshuh lost one eye. In the end the Muslims manage to miraculously defeat the Byzantines and reconquer the lands in the Middle East that was theirs before. The Muslims also conquer Egypt which was an important area for the Byzantine Empire.

Political: Byzantium was made after the partition of the Roman empire when barbarians came in and started controlling lands previously owned by the Romans. The Arabs had the land that they conquered, most of the land they conquered was after this battle because it influenced more people to be a part. Economical: Byzantine Empire was prospering before this loss because they had many major ports and cities but after this loss all of their land began to fall in ruins. After this the Muslims take back the Fertile Crescent and also Egypt which is both a major city and port. Religious: As Byzantium was conquering areas it was spreading Eastern Orthodoxy or you can say it was spread Christianity as a whole and later when the Muslims take over they spread their religion which is Islam. More people stuck to Islam because the caliphs were more kind and they didn't care what religion you believed, but they would prefer that you believe...
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