The Benefits of School Uniforms

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English Homework- persuasive writing- uniforms

Dear parents,
I strongly believe that children at high school should wear school uniforms. Wearing specific school uniforms makes everyone fit in, look respectable and feel equal to name but a few reasons why I believe uniform is important. Firstly, everyone wearing different things to school will increase bullying. If a group of people all have Hollister tops and there is one person that can’t afford one it is only going to encouraged bullying and make people feel awful about themselves. After so long trying to make the world equal do we really want to throw it away over something as silly as non- school uniforms? 69% of children in the UK report being bullied, do you want to be responsible for even more? Secondly, what kind of impression will we be giving to others about our school? Everyone will think of your children as ‘chavs’ and ‘hooligans’ when they are wearing hoodie’s and jeans to school. They will think that their children are better than yours. They will think that all the children that go to this school are never going to get a job and that King Edward VI ‘can’t be bothered’ to make your child succeed in life. That is the influence that we might give and all because we gave in to the minority that want to wear their own clothes. Besides, do children want to stick out like a sore thumb? No! Some people may say that wearing uniforms is old fashioned and is limiting the child’s ability to get used to being unique. However, that’s like saying we should bin Santa and all our other traditions that are loved by everyone because they are old too! Wearing uniforms may be old fashioned but it’s definitely not limiting the child’s personality because we have such an array of activities to suit anyone and everyone. Do you want to be blamed for the destruction of our traditions? Before I finish, I feel it is only fair that I pass this warning on; if you let our school become a place of...
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