The Byzantine

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Moscow Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Vladimir I: Ruler of kievan Russia that convert them to christianity Steppe: plain grassy and mostly treeless. Fertile soil great for agriculture Justinian Code of Law: basis of byzantine law
Veche: town meetings to discuss war, emergency or important matters Rurik: leader that rule kiev
Slavs: people who later converted to slaves
Heresy: is an opinion that conflicts with official church beliefs 1. What was the Byzantine Empire?
It was a continuation of the Roman empire, it was led by the emperor Justinian using the justinian code.
2. Explain the Justinian Code?
It was a collection of laws of the roman empire used in the byzantine empire 3. Why Justinian moved the capital to Constantinople? Mention the advantages and disadvantages.
Because it was better. advantages is the trade and disadvantages is that they could be conquered
4. What kind of government did the Byzantine Empire have?
Strong centralized government.
5. What was the result of the Iconoclastic controversy?
The separation of the church. The east and the west
6. What led to the decline of the Byzantine Empire?
Justinian's death, wars and conflicts with outside powers, Ottoman turks conquered Constantinople.
7. What effects did the political and legal ideas in Justinian´s Code have on Byzantine and other societies?
It covered such areas as crime, marriage, property and slavery. Basis of English Roman law, major legal system in the world 8. What are some cultural highlights of the Byzantine Empire? In art they had mosaics- a picture or design made from small pieces of enamel, glass, or stone. In architecture they build a a great church called Hagia Sophia. 9. How did society in Kievan Russia changed under Mongol rule? Heavy taxes. But mongols built important roads and improved methods of taxation and communication.

10. In what ways did Russian Orthodox Church gain from Moscow´s growing power?
grew more powerful by acquiring land
11. How did the...
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