The Classical and Medieval West

Topics: Gothic architecture, Roman Empire, Middle Ages Pages: 3 (1163 words) Published: July 18, 2011
The Classical and Medieval West

The Medieval period , this is a period beginning at about 5th century to the 15 century. The 5th century would put it in the era the last Emperor of the West Roman Empire abdicated in favor of the Emperor of the East Roman Emperor, but it is also referred to as the date of the "fall of Rome." From the 5th century East Roman Empire would lasted nearly another thousand years, and finally fell in 1453. bringing rise to the Byzantine Empire. But the important thing is that the middle ages began with the collapse of the authority government of the West Roman Empire. The Medieval period would see several new Western art emerge, art such as the Nomadic art called animal style, because of there migrant way of life. Another binging the Byantine art in the south eastern Europe to Romanesque art in the western Europe. The one art that stands out and intrigue’s me most would be the Gothic style around 1145 AD. The Gothic Art was one of the most revolutionary eras, as it broadened all the aspects of art. Gothic Art matured during the High Gothic Period and found great expression in architecture, sculpting, panel painting, manuscripts, stained glass. Frescos Art was also another dominant Gothic Art forms, carrying Christian and Secular essence, and presented in a Typological format. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, or better known as (Notre Dame De Chartres) is considered one of the finest examples in all France of the Gothic style of Architecture, Stained Glass and Sculpture. Chartres is a cathedral that inspires beauty, and structures that symbolize the triumph of the sprit over bond of earthly life. The indoor space could hold the townspeople at once, thus it was used for meeting, concerts, and religious plays. As was believed, since 876 the Church housed the tunic that had belonged to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and made town a popular site for religious pilgrimage to view the relic. During the 12th century there were four great...
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