The Crusades

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By the end of the eleventh century and the start of the thirteenth century a total of nine wars had occurred in the Middle East, also known as the Holy Lands. These wars are known as the Crusades. Original the Crusades were started because the Byzantine Empire asked Pope Urban ll for help against the Muslims and he persuaded many men to go and fight. However the other reason the Crusades started and continued was because both Muslims and Christians wanted control over Jerusalem, which was connected to both their religions. In the end the Crusades had impacted both sides in a positive and negative way.

The Crusades had a positive impact on both the Eastern and Western worlds. The main impact for both sides was an increase in trade (doc. 5). This caused the opening of trade routes with raw materials being traded back and forth (doc. 2). Also desire for these new raw materials changed the medieval system of trade by getting spices to keep food from spoiling and replacing the regular clothing with silk (doc. 8). Another positive impact was that Christianity spread into the Eastern world which was one of the churches main goals, even though their other main goal of capturing Jerusalem never truly succeeded.

The Crusades also had a negative impact on both the Eastern and Western worlds. A major negative impact is that the Crusades started a long struggle between the Christians and Muslims and caused the Muslims to have a bad relation with Christians and Jews (doc. 5). Also both Muslims and Christians committed many crimes in the name of their religion and for themselves, by massacring Jews (doc.1) and when the Christian turned on the Byzantines by sacking Constantinople, which destroyed the lives and culture of the Byzantines (doc.9). Another negative impact is that in the fourth Crusade the church wanted to reunite the Greek and Latin churches back together, but only caused a permanent split between the two (doc. 4).

The Crusades impacted the Western and...
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