The Etruscan, Roman and Byzantine Utilized Art

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History of Art
The Etruscan, Roman and Byzantine Utilized Art

Since the beginning of the first human civilization, we see how early human put emphasis on historical events, especially those moments that were important for their life. During the paleolithic era, primitive people used to paint cave after a productive and successful hunting in order to immortalize the memory of such great even. Thousands of years later new and different civilizations like the Etruscan, Roman, and Byzantine with more complex and developed systems of art use art to narrate and perpetuate their memories and commemorations. To begin with, the Etruscan one of the first habitants of the Italy, famous for their work of art in terracotta, uses this type of art on sarcophagi lids. For example, the sarcophagus with the reclining couple. By this work of art, it is clear that Etruscans wanted to be remembered after their death. Other examples are the interior of the tomb of the reliefs, where the Etruscans where worry were buried. Inside of the tomb,, all around the wall runs a frieze of crew: helms, spears, shield, perhaps emphasizing the participation of the deceased in military campaign. The Etruscans frequently portrait a sanitize version of warfare, which was a commemorative tradition. The Romans well known for being one of the most famous fighting forces in world history, but also known for their marvelous architectures. They utilized art and architecture to be useful. Romans built roads, aqueducts, public baths, etc. One of the most memorable Roman constructions made with concrete was the Flavian Amphitheater where hundreds of people used gather to watch gladiator fight. The art and architecture of Roman were emphasis on memory because when emperors ordered to sculptures for a public place, they wanted to tell future generations of the greatness of Rome and its Emperors. The Byzantine Empire located in Eater Europe its arts were known for its anti-naturalistic...
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