The Fall of Constantinople

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Constantinople Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: March 19, 2014
The Fall of the Earthly Heaven
To this day the 29 May 1453 is regarded as a holy day, not only in the Orthodox Church, but in all of Greece. The fall of Constantinople not only symbolized a collapse of the Roman Empire, but of all of Eastern Christendom at least that is what was thought. It was the wealthiest city in the world at the time, possessing over one-third of the world’s wealth: and a city of such great magnitude, which only city of one-sixth of the worlds population could poses. At it’s fall it was the longest, and to this day still is, the longest lasting empire in human history lasting way over one thousand years. This Empire encompassed all of Christendom and beyond, extending an arm of influence at every corner of the globe.1 Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire, also know as the Eastern Roman Empire, and was known for the ingenuity in matters of state, society, infrastructure and economics; which the Byzantines were able to perform with such efficiency and excellence.2 The state affairs where that of a modern nation. Complex, intricate and full of balance in both the seats of government and the governments rule of the people. The things that today seem to be expected as rights were seen as a modern invention at the time, and began in Constantinople. Written codes and laws, legal codes all were perfected in Constantinople, while the rest of Europe lye in a state of intellectual dormancy. The greatest growth in the Empire’s history was during the reign of Emperor Justinian. During his reign Hagia Sofia was brought to the glory we see today and the Church was glorified as an equal hand of the government. The worlds first organized school of higher learning was created, thus the first University was born. The economy was also one of the most stable systems with a balance of agriculture and service jobs. This system was left unaltered for hundred of years, and many blame this alteration in the financial system on the collapse of the...
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