The Hijab

Topics: Muhammad, Clothing, Woman Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: July 21, 2011
What is the Hijab?
Hijab refers to both the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women and modest Muslim styles of dress in general. It’s not only physical, but Hijab has a social element too, in which a Muslim woman is encouraged to conduct herself (in public) in a modest manner. As to not bring any unwanted attention towards herself. Why do women wear the Hijab?

Every woman will have her own story, some will say it make them feel liberated, some will say they feel protected, confident, religious, respected, distinguished, happy...the list can go on. In the west, women are under a constant pressure to look and dress a certain way, be it through TV, Magazines or Films, an unreal standard of ‘beauty’ has been dictated, which leads not only to women feeling inadequate, but leads men into a false sense of how a woman should be. Why does Islam encourage Hijab?

It not only makes a woman feel confident and liberated, but encourages society to not see women as objects of desire. Islam promotes sexual equality, the Hijab allows women to be an instrumental part of the society without being judged down or favoured by man’s perception and desires. Can Hijab be practiced in a modern & secular society?

Across the west there are millions of Muslims sisters who go about living the every-day life, just like women from all faith backgrounds. They go to the same school, they have the same degrees and work the same ‘Nine-to-Fives’. The Hijab only ever conflicts with secular values if it is misunderstood and taken out of context. Does Hijab prevent a woman from aspiring to her dreams?

Absolutely not, every woman has the right to fulfill her aspirations, whether she wishes to become a Doctor, a TV presenter or even an Astronaut. Of course, across cultures there may be barriers which through women may find it hard to break in to, however the same is true for women who don’t wear the Hijab. Why don’t men wear the Hijab?

They do, but as explained above the Hijab is much more...
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