The Importance of Uniforms

Topics: High school, Education, Uniform Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Uniforms have been synonymous for hundreds of years in numerous countries around the world. But in America, uniforms seem to have been pretty much extinct in the public school systems. Uniforms have been mandated in many schools around the world. Concentration, discipline and equality are some of the benefits of having students wear uniforms in school.

Thinking about what to wear to school in the morning can be difficult. In source B, it shows a daily bell schedule for a typical school day. It demonstrates that the everyday schedule is very structured. Being on time is crucial, and having uniforms would make getting ready in the morning much more simple, thus saving time. It is hard knowing that people judge individuals by the way they dress. The problem could be eliminated by implementing school uniforms. With the focus on learning, grades and good behavior can bloom. Source G illustrates that the guidelines for the dress code. In the dress code it states that, "dress in appropriate attire which does not distract or offend others. " With uniforms there would be less concern about breaking the dress code. It would be easier not having to worry about people judging the actual person not just by the way they dress. Many people criticize that with uniforms restrict the students right to freedom of expression but with uniforms people can use their personality to be expressive as well as join clubs and classes that express your interests. In everyday life there are many factors that set students apart and make it easier to be ostracized such as race, ethnicity, social class and etc. With uniforms all kids can look equivalent in the eyes of all students and staff. Uniforms promote equality and they also promote a sense of belonging in a school. Children wearing their normal clothes can create a barrier, and with uniforms that would be one less thing that made them different. In source F, the children are all wearing normal clothes, if they had uniforms they...
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