The Middle Ages Test

Topics: Middle Ages, Roman Empire, Europe Pages: 4 (849 words) Published: January 15, 2014
The Middle Ages Test
Choose the best response for the following questions.
1. The emperor Justinian’s most important achievement was the codification of Roman law into The Body of Civil Law which- a. Became the basis of Christianity
b. Caused the dissolution of the Roman Empire
c. Became the basis for much of the legal system of Europe
d. Created the legal foundation of the Roman Empire
2. The Crusades were a series of nine military expeditions that began in 1095 and ended in 1291. The goal of the Crusaders was to free the Holy Land from Muslim control. An important result of the Crusades was- a. The accomplishment of returning the Holy Land to Christian control b. Trade routes were established and new markets opened up

c. That the Ottoman Empire was established
d. The English and French monarchies weakened
3. One consequence of the fall of Rome for Western Europe was- a. Increased trade with China
b. A decrease in literacy and knowledge of the world and the past c. The Viking invasion of England and Gaul
d. The weakening of Christianity
4. The Magna Carta, signed by the English King John in 1215, limited the authority of the king. These royal checks were imposed on King John by the- a. Barons
b. People
c. Parliament
d. Privy Council
5. What was a major difference between feudalism and manorialism? a. Feudalism existed only in Europe; manorialism existed only in Japan b. Feudalism involved serfs; manorialism did not involve serfs c. Feudalism was an economic system; manorialism was a political system d. Feudalism was a political system; manorialism was an economic system


What is the best title for the above list?
a. Accomplishments of Renaissance Italy
b. Islam skills and learning brought back by Crusaders
c. Inventions and Accomplishments of the Song Dynasty in China d. Inventions and accomplishments of the ancient Romans
7. What two weapons, developed during the Hundred Years’ War between England and France, weakened...
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