The Process of Tie and Dye

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Essay On The Process Of Tie And Dye

Clothes are very important to people. The type of clothes on wears is sometimes used to describe that person. People have different preference to clothes of various colours. Different cultures have different methods that they use to decorate their cloths. These kinds of decorations are part of their cultural symbols. Different culture will prefer certain colours or certain kinds of decorations. Long time ago people would use tree leaves to make the colours for decorating their fabrics. Up to this day there are still some people who still use this colour leaves to decorate their clothes. In this essay I will describe the process of decorating fabric using the tie and die and also batik techniques.

Tie and dye is a technique of fabric decorations which is mostly used to decorate fabrics if there are some areas in the fabric where on does not want the die to reach or want to use a dye of a different colour. This technique is used mostly in ladies dress but sometimes still used in men clothing’s. In order to use this technique one needs to have a basin which is used to mix the dye and also used to dip the dye in a later process. Then one also requires the piece of garment to be decorated, some threads to tie the fabric, salt to mix with the dye so that the dye can stick well to the garment and also water to mix the dye. The process starts by mixing the dye with water. The dye is usually in powder form.

One needs to mix it with the right amount of water so that the concentration will be the appropriate one. After putting the dye into the water the put some salt to make the mixture stickier. Then after that take the garment that needs to be decorated and tie those parts that one does not need to be dyed. The tying is done using various designs that one wants. There are various methods of tying the fabric according to specific designs. After the tying which should be done tightly the garment is deeped into the basin...

References: Anna Crutchley, (2001).Tassels for the home: creating fabric decorations, Lorenz publishers.
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