The Right to Bear Arms

Topics: Family, Change, Parent Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Name: Trung Duong
Writing II online
Date: 02/07/2013
I was born in the business family. Our house located in the First district. That was the main district in Sai Gon city. There were five members in my family and we live together about several years. My older brother and I shared a room next to my oldest room. I stayed with my family very happy until my mother decided me to study abroad. There were many changes in my life when I went to the US. That was a normal day as other days. I just woke up, watched my face and wore clothes to hang out. When I went downstairs; I met mother. She said: “Where do you go?”. I said “I want to hang out with my friends”. “hold on” she said; and she gave me a letter. I did not know what is it and she said “let’s go interview with this”. I felt surprise and happy with this news. I talked with my friends about this so they felt surprise too. One week later, I went to consulate USA to interview. Luckily, I passed and took the visa after a few days. My parents repaired anything for me and I was excited about this. At the first days in the US, I look anything strange with me. The airport was bigger than my airport. I tried hard to find the way out when I changed a flight. I came to US at the midnight. When I took my luggage and I look around to find my cousin. There were many people in this place and a few people like Asian. At this time, a lady came near me and asked: “are you Trung?”. I recognize the voice in phone and said: “yes”. She was my cousin and drove me to her house. When I was at her house, I did felt comfortable like my house. In fact, That was the way which the people lived. I had to do anything such as: washing, cooking, leaning room,… These never did in my life when I lived with my parents. I met a lot of difficult things. Although I had to study a lot of new things, I felt improve in my life. I spent almost a year in the US and studied many things. My life was changed a lot, but it was a benefit...
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