Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Han Dynasty Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: December 12, 2012
AP World History-Theme Analysis Chart

Theme 1: Interaction between humans and the environment. | * Like religious faiths, infections and contagious diseases also spread along the trade routes of the classical world. * The most disruptive of these diseases were probably smallpox and measles, and epidemics of bubonic plague may also have erupted. * During the second century C.E. epidemics reduced roman population by about one-quarter, to forty-five million.| Theme 2: Development and interactions of cultures.|

* Buddhism had become well established in northern India, and with the sponsorship of the emperor Ashoka the faith spread to Bactria and Ceylon. * Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity all traveled the silk roads and attracted converts far from their original homelands. * Christianity became a prominent source of religious inspiration within the Roman Empire; the young faith also traveled the trade routes and found followers beyond the Mediterranean.| Theme 3: State-building, expansion, and conflict.|

* Apart from divisions and factions, the Roman Empire also faced problems because of its sheer size. * In the Roman Empire, as in china, the collapse of the imperial state coincided with important social and cultural changes. * Unlike the Han dynasty, the roman empire did not entirely did not entirely disintegrate; imperial authority survived for another millennium in the eastern half of the empire, known after the fifth century C.E. as the byzantine empire.| Theme 4: Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems.| * The tempo of long-distance noticeably during the Hellenistic era, partly because of the many colonies established by Alexander of Macedon and the Seleucid rulers in Persia and Bactria. * Trade networks crossed the deserts of central Asia and the depts. Of the Indian Ocean. * Establishment and maintenance of these trade routes was an expensive affair calling for substantial investment in...
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