Thomas Jefferson

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Final Draft Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson was the third President of United States during (1801-1809). He was the principal author of the declaration of independence. He was the founder of the University of Virgina. He was the exponent of Jefferson democracy. He was the first secretary of state during (1790-1793). In May 1785 he became the united state minister of French. He organized the democratic- republication party to oppose treasury secretary alexander Hamilton. In July 4, 1826 Thomas Jefferson was died.

Jefferson has been memorialized in many ways, including buildings, sculptures and currency. The Thomas Jefferson memorial was dedicated in Washington D.C. The interior of the memorial includes 19 foot statue of Jefferson and engravings of passage from his writing. Most prominent are the words which are inscribed around the moment near the roof “I have sworn upon near the altar of god internal hostility against every from of tyranny over the mind of man.” The memorial was dedicated on April 13, 1943 the 200th Anniversary of Jefferson’s birth.

Thomas Jefferson’s presidency of the United States ,from march 4,1801 to march 4,1809 carried out what Jefferson called the “Revolution of 1800.” As heat tamped to put into action the principals of his democratic affairs Jefferson tried to weaken federalist influences, especially the judiciary and succeeded in limiting the size of government by reducing taxes and the national debts. In foreign affairs the major developments were the acquisition of Louisiana purchases.

In 1803 the United States under Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from France, doubling size of the United States. As the exact boundaries of the territory were unsettled, England and Spain continued to make claims to parts of the territory until the time of President James Polk. Robber Livingston to Paris...
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