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Topics: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Clothing Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Good afternoon, everyone. I'm (Aaesha, and my Colleagues are zainab and sara). This afternoon we’re going to be talking to you about one of important things in our culture, which is (traditional clothes). So, we’ll begin by examining women’s clothes and then we'll go on to talk about men’s clothing. Please keep all of your questions till the end of the presentation. Women:

First of all, I am going to tell you about the traditional Emirati clothing for a women. One of the famous clothes among females is Al Mokhwara, its is the most common traditional cloth since a long time ago. Al Mokhwara is a long piece of cloth that have different designs, colors, and embroidery. Back in the day, Women wear al Mokhwara in special occasions, wedding, and even in normal days. Nowadays, al Mokhwara haven't lost it charm, it is actually one of the elegant clothes women wear. Moving on to another traditional cloth. It is a piece of material, mostly black. Women use it to cover their head. And since the material is sometimes very light, they use it to cover their face. This material is called Al Shela. As previously mentioned, women sometimes use Al Shela to cover their face, but there is another way to cover their faces which is Al Borqa. Alborqa covers the face expect a slit for the eyes, it is most common among older women. Even though al Borqa is specific for UAE only, its not mandatory. Why do older women wear Alborqa? It brings respect for older women. Tracking your attention to another traditional cloth which is Al Abaya. It is a long flowing black gown that covers your body. The main reason for wearing Al Abaya is for modesty. Emirate women may wear any piece of clothes but must wear Abaya above it. Generally Al Abaya gives women elegant, differentiation, and modesty. To recap, the materials which are alMokhwara, alShela, alBorqa, and alAbaya are the common traditional clothes for women in UAE. Furthermore, traditional UAE clothing for women reflects...
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