Topics: Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire Pages: 3 (579 words) Published: March 18, 2015
Joanna Kaferi
Mr. Linton
17 May 2014
Document-Based Essay.
Throughout history, various societies unified and controlled regions using transportation systems. These systems include roads, canals, and railroads. The construction of transportation systems was made to improve movement of people, goods, and ideas. Transportation systems promote communication, and unification and administration. The Roman and Incan Empires created many roads for transportation. However, after the Industrial Revolution, many railroad systems were introduced in which many people traded and communicated easily. Societies used roads to promote commerce and trade but railroads became the most popular and most used transportation system after the Industrial Revolution because of the speed it provided. Various societies also controlled regions by using roads. According to Document 1, Romans used roads to control their empire. One way was that roads maintained proper administration of Rome. They also moved troops, maintained security of the Roman Empire, and connected territories outside of Italy to Rome. Roads also eased communication and added new areas to the Roman Empire. Furthermore, roads helped Rome by making long-distance trade easier. Roads sustained Rome by allowing the transport of goods and tribute to the capital. Roman culture and ideas were spread, which increased cultural unity, such as by promoting Christianity.

Various societies were unified by roads. According to Document 2, the Incas used roads to unify their empire. This is because these roads were used as a communication system to unify their people. Roads also carried important officials, entire armies, and trade goods to certain areas. This was positive because transporting troops meant putting down rebellions. Roads connected farmers in widely separated valleys and also connected different areas to another. Roads also extended the network of earlier states. On the other hand, people were linked with...
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