UniFirst: North America's Largest Workwear and Textile Services Companies

Topics: Clothing, Uniform, Customer service Pages: 6 (1389 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Who We Are

UniFirst is one of North America's largest workwear and textile services companies. We rent, lease, and sell uniforms, protective clothing, custom corporate workwear, floorcare, and other facility services products to all kinds of businesses. UniFirst is a leading supplier of uniforms, workwear and related products to businesses big and small since 1936, meaning we are in our eighth decade of servicing North American businesses. We provide a wide range of apparel from traditional uniforms, industrial wear, specialty and protective clothing to corporate casual and executive attire. UniFirst manages the uniforms of both small and large companies such as Walmart, Costco, and Canadian Tire. We also offer products such as restroom service products, soaps, air fresheners, mats, and mops.

Our Corporate Mission is to be recognized as the quality leader in our industry. Our careful focus on serving each customer’s special needs and providing total satisfaction enables us to grow, to provide an equitable return on investment, and to create opportunities for all of our employees.

UniFirst Corporation presently employs over 10,000 "Team Partners" who service more than 240,000 customer locations throughout North America, Europe, and Mexico. We recognize that our continued success depends on the skill, creativity and initiative of everyone on our team. We also have three subsidiary companies: Green Guard, UniTech Services Group, and UniClean which supply first aid equipment, laundering and decontamination services, and clothing and services related to cleanrooms.

Not only do UniFirst’s employees pride themselves on their exceptional quality and customer service, we also pride ourselves on being an active member of the Textile Service Industry’s “Laundry Environment Stewardship Program”. We’ve contributed to important efforts that help preserve our natural resources for generations to come. In fact, we were one of the first companies in our industry to make significant investments in re-engineering our facilities to be “greener”, more environmentally friendly operations.


We at UniFirst understand that CAPM employs 200 line workers that demand a quality, comfortable, uniform that keeps them safe. We also understand that you at CAPM want to oufit your workers in a consistent, clean, safe, and corporate way, and we believe we have the ability to do so. We have reviewed your prospect form you completed and have obtained the solutions that UniFirst has to these crucial issues.

Obstacle: After returning their uniforms at the end of the work week, your employees are not always obtaining their uniforms back the following week. UniFirst Difference: UniFirst provides our customers with a triple count process in which we count the garments when they’re picked up, when they arrive at our facility and when they are distributed back to our client. This ensures each employee receives their uniform accurately, effectively and can return to their work in a timely, structured fashion. Furthermore, UniFirst provides the option of labelling each individual uniform so employees can find their appointed uniform with ease.

Obstacle: When the current driver delivers the clean uniforms they are a total mess and left on the floor. UniFirst Difference: UniFirst will provide your company with a designated bin for clean, serviced garments. Our route service professional (delivery person) will distribute the clean uniforms in the designated bin. You will be provided with a labelled bin for soiled garments and clean garments to ensure your workers properly dispose of and attain their uniforms.

Obstacle: Your uniforms are discoloured and/or aged.
UniFirst Difference: Our experience will ensure that all workers will have the same uniform and will be wearing the proper clothing for the job. The triple count process not only ensures the correct quantity of uniforms, but also the quality. If a...
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