Uniform Essay

Topics: Education, Clothing, Dress code Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: February 25, 2012
In California and other parts of the United States the majority of schools have uniforms. Private schools specially. I am agreeing with schools that want to make uniforms a requirement. It would help the communities to avoid violence within students that claim to be from a crew. Wear school uniforms would help the families to save money. Uniforms would also help schools to have their students focused and interested in their studies, instead of thinking what type of clothes they are wearing. Some students become gang members when they are at school. As part of a new group they have to acquire new clothes, to fit in the crew. Opposite gangs choose a color to wear making it a rule to identify them. Not wearing the assigned color could mean you are a rival. This cause schools fights all the time. Sometimes students who are not part of these groups get hurt, just because they decided to wear certain color. And by coincidence it’s the same color as a gang. What is it that students that are not involved in gangs cannot wear the color they want? I believe that students can put on whatever color of clothes they desire, and that wearing it does not mean they are bunch of criminals. As a matter of fact wearing school uniforms can help our schools to prevent this violence that does not make any sense. Families want to save money the entire time. They are always struggling to make that check to last. But their kids nearly all of the time are asking for more of everything. In particular if we are talking about clothes and shoes. In actuality the kids are asking over for more luxurious clothes that they don’t need, than they did before. All they want is to be in the new tendency. And wear the same as their friends or better. To have a uniform would help the parents to save money. They wouldn’t have to worry about spending more money. Extra money they don’t have to spend for their children’s happiness. Schools have problems with their students paying...
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