Uniform Should Be Mandatory

Topics: University, Clothing, Education Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Date: 18 May 18, 2013
Bishal Baidhya
Section: A
BBA 1st semester
Q. Uniform should be mandatory in colleges. Agree or disagree. Ans. We cannot deny the importance of wearing uniform in college because each college has its own uniform which represent for the college’s image and prestige. The main aim or importance of uniform in the college is to maintain uniformity among the students. There will be no gap between rural and rich students when they wear uniform. Lots of students who came from countryside feel a sense of inferiority complex when they look at rich one wearing luxurious and fashionable garments. They do not have courage to approach and talk with the fancy one comfortably, resulting in an uncomfortable and uncoordinated studying environment. When all of the students are required to wear the same cloth to go to college, there shall be no intangible distance between them. So, I purpose that all college should make uniform mandatory for each and every student. Uniform will save the parents money and reduce violence/gang affiliation. Student in a uniform is more likely to take school/college seriously. Putting on a uniform signal he or she is going to college just as their parents going for their work. Most college has their uniform to create a reputation for high class education as well as leasing the chances of disorder. They have many social benefits for the students and in some case, can make an institution much safer. With a compulsory uniform, a college will have more order and the student will seem more civilized as a college can create an atmosphere that encourages maturity and responsibility. By wearing college uniform, students can be proud of their college. Every morning when they stand in front of a mirror and look at their uniform, they can feel a sense of craving for going to college. Furthermore, when going outside with their uniform put on, passes by people can recognize what institution they are studying by looking on uniform. It also...
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