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Controversy Over School Uniforms
Uniforms are a major point of discussion in public school to cut down on discipline and violence problems. Many schools already put in place a policy requiring uniforms and many more are thinking about it. School uniforms benefit both the student and faculty by creating an atmosphere in which the students are able to get the most out of their education. They would encourage more concentration on schoolwork and a sense of security in the school. Public school students should have to wear uniforms because they are cheap, uniforms create school unity and pride, and it helps them focus on their work. Having uniforms is economical for many parents. The cost of uniforms is significantly less than what a lot of parents pay for normal school clothing. Many parents have difficulty finding certain styles or colors to please their children. Others can’t afford to buy clothes every so often, with school uniforms parents will only have to purchase clothes for weekends which are hardly economical. Although they are plenty of other reasons uniforms promote school spirit, good self-image, and school unity. not all clothing styles are attractive on all people. Getting the students to wear uniforms can improve their self-image and help them gain confidence within themselves. Just as an athletic team uniform promote unity and school pride school uniforms can do the same. Identical clothing does not create much school spirit but they help them reach a high level of learning which is the major reason why they are attending school .
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