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School Uniforms
Let’s face it children and teenagers are growing up much faster than anyone had expected. Their peers, family, home, music, and television are all influencing them on how they behave and dress. The numerous ways students dress can reflect countless of messages such as the latest fashion trend, whatever is comfortable, or violence. Even though students’ individuality is important to express one’s self, uniforms should be adopted in some public schools because it lowers disciplinary referrals and helps students focus on learning. Although a uniform can get boring with the same clothes and same color every day, uniforms have been proven to lower hostility in many schools. The first example clarifies how uniforms have reduced tardiness, skipped classes, suspensions, and discipline referrals. As confirmed by the Public School Review, in the Long Beach school district within one year of launching uniforms, fights and muggings had seriously dwindled by fifty percent. While committed sexual offenses were massively diminished as well by a vast seventy- four percent. The second example demonstrates how certain other schools have followed the footsteps of the previous school. As researchers by the Public School, the discipline referrals have been decreasing by forty-two percent, once uniforms were enforced. This clearly proves how uniforms have not only decreased violence in one school, but other ones as well. A third example of how uniforms reduce violence is that if an outsider were to enter a school, the intruder would be spotted immediately, as teachers and police would be able to arrive to dispose of the stranger that might be a harm to the students. Wrapping it up, you are now able to understand by the hard-core proof of how uniforms have declined brutality. In addition of uniforms lowering disciplinary referrals, they also help students focus on learning. First, because it shows how students clothing distracts them from learning especially because...
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