Uniforms or Not

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Which is better to wear uniforms at school or not

Some people prefer to wear a uniform at school, whereas other people prefer to wear other clothes. Of course, both have advantages and disadvantages and the preference depends on the nature of the person. Personally I prefer to wear a uniform.

It goes without saying that wearing other clothes has many advantages, for example pupil will feel there more free. The next advantage of wearing not uniform is that pupils can go to other places with their clothes. Kids do not to wear the same colors every day and that does not bore them. They can show their individuality to other people.

Taking all this into consideration I would like to wear a uniform, because it is affordable in the sense of economy i. e. their parents will not buy new brand clothes and they will save much money. Kids are able to focus on learning better. It promotes for good discipline.

The next advantage of wearing uniform is that pupils already know what they must wear and they save much time in the morning. I think that too many pupils dress clothes which are out of control. They think that if they wear expensive clothes they are better than everyone else. And wearing uniforms can decrease the chances of bullying. Nowadays bullying is extremely out of control and if everyone looks the same, no one will feel bad about themselves.

As we saw, wearing clothes to students taste is good, but wearing uniform is better because it shows school identity and pupils will be different from others.
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