Uniforms should be mandatory in schools

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Uniforms should be mandatory in schools

Uniforms aren’t just a set of clothes students wear to school every day of their miserable education filled lives. They are so much more than that. They lend a feeling of belonging, of pride – after all, what is an American astronaut without his trademark baggy white suit with its American flag proudly brandished on his left arm? They promote and encourage equality – everyone will have to learn to rock the same outfit – and they allow students to focus more on the education aspect of school rather than the distracting social aspect. This essay will convince you beyond doubt that school uniforms should be mandatory.

School uniforms are the simple and yet immensely effective solution to the vicious social hierarchies in schools caused by differing financial advantages of the student body. By forcing each student to dress equally it effectually levels the playing field. Imagine going to a school where every single student wore something different. The wealthier students would be dressed to the nines, while the more financially disadvantaged students might be clothed in a plainer, less flashy fashion. The wealthier students may begin to discriminate against students who cannot afford what they can, teasing or bullying them as a result of their newfound superiority. When everyone dresses exactly the same, no one can discriminate using clothing as an excuse; it promotes a healthy equality to the student body. The clear cut fact that uniforms enforce equality within the students is strong standing proof that uniforms should be mandatory in schools.

Everybody wants to feel like they belong somewhere, whether it be in the workplace, at home, or in school. Wearing a uniform everyday with the crest of a school logo sewed onto their shirt could be all students need to feel like they belong. When everybody wears the same clothes, with the same logos, it would allow the students to feel proud to be part of a community, a...
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